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Hello Builders

PlebBook is a community resource for aspiring developers and builders to learn and get involved with the Bitcoin Lightning ecosystem. Kinda like a builders manual for Bitcoin and Lightning.


The Bitcoin community is home to thousands of developers, technologists, designers, users, HODLers and enthusiasts. Find and connect with like minded individuals to discuss, ponder, and celebrate Bitcoin together.

Get paid for your work

Are you building on Bitcoin and Lightning, or do you want to? Companies are hiring for technical. Got an idea of your own? Try finding a grant to get your project off the ground.


There are many ways to get involved in the fast-growing Bitcoin and Lightning community; you can join one of the popular online communities, attend an developers conference, join a meetup group, contribute to a project, or participate in one of the many online forums about Bitcoin and Lightning Development.

Learn By Coding

In the spirit of Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS), we see the need for an entry-level builder hub, a haven for compelling builder content and invaluable resources. True to the predecessors of our field, all elements presented here are open-source, welcoming your enhancements and augmentations, embodying the ethos of Bitcoin.
Help us make PlebBook better: these docs are a community effort. Let us know if you see mistakes, room for improvement, or new opportunities to help Bitcoin developers.