Alby has bounties for coding and non-coding related topics.

BIP Bounty

Tax Deductible Bug Bounties for Bitcoin. Incentivize the research, development, and vetting of Bitcoin Improvement Proposals by implementing a system for crowdsourcing tax-deductible bug bounties, and distributing them to bounty winners.

Breeze Bounty

Breez is offering bounties for the tasks listed below. Relevant PRs must be reviewed and merged before developers can claim the bounty listed.

HRF Bitcoin Bounty Challenge

The Human Rights Foundation is supporting open-source developers working to increase the usability and privacy of the Bitcoin and Lightning network, E-cash, and Nostr, inspired by HRF’s research around the world with regard to what kind of functionality activists need today in their digital tools.

NYDIG Bitcoin Task Bounties

Bringing Bitcoin to all means also bringing Bitcoin development to all. NYDIG wants to incentivize Bitcoin development and expose new developers to the ecosystem. NYDIG is paying bounties for selected tasks in Bitcoin codebases. These are great starting points for those unaccustomed to Bitcoin development, as well as important but often under-prioritized by the existing community of developers.

Sphinx Bounties

Stacker News Bounties

Our goal was to make it an extremely permissive feature and avoid overprescribing how to use it:
  • The OP of the bounty can reward any child comment the bounty, including nested comments, and multiple comments
  • The OP can pay a bounty on a comment with a click of a button (which behind the scenes is just a tip)
  • The earning comment(s) for a bounty get a green bounty bag in their header
  • The OP's past bounties will be displayed below their bounty posts so you can tell if they have a history of paying their bounties
You can view all bounties on the recent page by selecting the 'bounties' filter.

Other Bounties

Bitcoin Bounties:
Bitcoin ACKs:
Nostr Bounties:
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