Other Tools


Amboss.Space is a site dedicated to providing data, insights, and coordination tools for the Bitcoin Lightning Network. All operations on Amboss can be performed via the Amboss API, including Magma, our liquidity marketplace.

Balance of Satoshis

Tool for working with the balance of your satoshis on LND.

Clams Tech

Clams is a free and open source browser interface for securely and remotely controlling your Core Lightning node.


Faraday is a suite of tools built to help node operators and businesses run lnd, the leading implementation of the Lightning Network. Faraday’s tools decrease the operational overhead of running a Lightning node and make it easier to build businesses on Lightning. The current features in the Faraday suite provide insight into node channel performance and support for accounting with both on-chain and off-chain reports for lnd.


New ways to monetize media for publishers & creators. Leverage bitcoin & the lightning network with no-code immersive tools your audience will love. Take power back from big-tech and stop relying on ads and high-friction subscriptions.

Script Wizard

Script Wizard makes it easy to design and compile custom Bitcoin + Liquid scripts. Built by Burak.