#BuildOnBitcoin. People are building the future of the internet with Bitcoin. From social networks, to streaming payments, and even custom assets.Proof of work starts with you. Share your work, build in public, win bounties and take part in hackathons and tournaments! And become a part of the most FUN developers community!

Bitcoin++ Hackathon

Bitcoin++ is a developer-focused conference series. We place a heavy emphasis on long form lectures and workshops, with smaller more-focused audiences who are excited to get deeper into the cutting edge of bitcoin tech.


Starting as a small club of MIT students interested in a technology that wasn't covered in classes, we've grown to become the longest-running university student-led crypto conference in the world. Our conference prides itself on being a technical event that features protocol-level talks and panel discussions from regulators, scientists, developers, researchers, and others who are passionate about furthering our understanding of what's possible in crypto now, and what may be possible in the future.

Come for 2 days of hacking, mentorship, workshops, and discussions on how to contribute to bitcoin functionality accelerationism and build kickass applications on bitcoin using nostr, fedimint, miniscript, and more. we’ll also get into how to get your project funded either traditionally or through new age pleb means.

#SATSx Hackathon

SATSx Hackathon is a yearly hackathon that takes place in Austin Texas. #SATSx was created in 2022 to see the Bitcoin community rally together in Austin to commemorate another year of growth, friendship, and fostering of a builder community that’s set to revolutionize our very way of life.

TabConf Hackathon

At TABConf, we bring together the best and brightest minds in the bitcoin world to share their insights, knowledge, and experience about the latest developments. From seasoned core devs to up-and-coming plebs.