Developers to follow

0xB10C - Bitcoin Engineer and Researcher.
Adam Soltys - Building coinos, an open source web wallet and decentralized exchange platform that can be self-hosted and supports on-chain payments, Liquid, Lightning, atomic swaps, send-to-username, redeemable vouchers, paper wallets, and more!
Alex Bosworth - Alex has been working on Lightning integrations across the Bitcoin industry since 2017 and has focused at Lightning Labs on supporting LN and LND adoption with Lightning Labs product and services development such as the popular Lightning Loop submarine swap service based on the non-custodial submarine swap concept. Alex is currently working on advances made possible by the Taproot and Schnorr soft fork as well as the new TARO concept for digital assets.
Andrew Poelstra - Andrew has been part of the Bitcoin community since 2011, and has contributed to the development of signature tech such as MuSig, Taproot, and Miniscript. He was also a maintainer of libsecp256k1, the high-assurance high-performance library underlying Bitcoin Core, for several years. Lately he has been focused on self-custody in the form of "codex32", a project to create and verify strong checksums on seed data without any use of electronic computers.
Anthony Potdevin - Working on creating apps that integrate Bitcoin with a modern web tech stack.
Antoine Poinsot - Wizardsardine (Revault, Liana) co-founder. Bitcoin Core contributor.
Austin - Engineer, plebdev & instructor.
Ben Carman - Bitcoin and Lightning dev
Ben Kaufman - Working on Specter Desktop
Ben Woosley - Contributing and reviewing changes to Bitcoin Core and Zap desktop wallet since 2017.
Bruno Garcia - Bitcoin Core contributor, focusing on reviewing/testing pull requests, improving/adding tests, and writing new features
BTC Zelko - Bitcoin Privacy and Sovereignty activist. Started the FOSS Bitcoin node manager, RoninDojo, in 2019, with a strict focus of on-chain privacy tools for users to protect themselves from surveillance state.
Burak - Burak started in Bitcoin by building around mining, payments, wallets, developer tools, and Bitcoin-style smart contracts. After his years-long covenant research and development on Liquid, he is now working on alternative approaches to addressing the UX issues that we face on Lightning today.
chill - Co-creator of the Bleskomat next generation Bitcoin ATM hardware project.
Chimezie Chuta - Developer of SpaceBox -a solar powered full Bitcoin Lightning Node run-away kit.
Clark Moody - Running Clark Moody Bitcoin Dashboard
Chris Belcher - Improving bitcoin privacy.
Christopher Allen - Lead author of the free Learning Bitcoin from the Command Line.
cloudhead - Developing nakamoto, a new high-assurance Bitcoin light client in Rust.
coinableS - Open-Source software engineer. Creator of
Craig Raw - Craig is the sole developer of Sparrow Wallet, a Bitcoin only desktop wallet with a focus on security, privacy and usability. His work aims to provide users with a rich interface that provides full control and transparency over their funds, while being simple enough for beginners to start and grow their understanding over time.
D++ - Bitcoin Professor ⛓️ Revolutionary Cypherpunk
d11n - Improving the UX/UI of Bitcoin-related projects. Currently working full-time on BTCPay Server.
Daniel Buchner - Committed to advancing decentralized identity and app capabilities for the Web platform to enable a more personal, private, empowering digital world for individuals.
dergigi - Contributes to various bitcoin-only projects and wrote an open-source book about what I’ve learned.
Dan Janosik - Part-time open-source BTC work.
Devin Bileck - Contributes to the Bisq network including running infrastructure nodes.
DJ Booth - Creator of the bitcoin-only crowdfunding platform Tallycoin and the beautiful and fun price chart Bitcoinal.
Devin Bileck - Contribute to the Bisq network including running infrastructure nodes.
Dusty Daemon - Independent Lighting developer Dusty Daemon has spent the last six years working on Bitcoin development. His recent code, an implementation on the Lighting network called “Splicing,” will fundamentally change the Lightning network.
Elle Mouton - Bitcoin & Lightning related things
Emzy - Contribute to Bitcoin by running nodes like Bitcoin, Lighting, an Electrum server and nodes for the Bisq network.
Eskyee - Working full time for JungleLab, BTCPayServer, & maintaining BTCPayJungle.
Eugene - Bitcoin fuzzing enthusiast.
Evan Kaloudis - Working on Bitcoin-related projects, first and foremost, the Bitcoin/Lightning mobile wallet Zeus.
Fabian Jahr - Bitcoin Core contributor. I focus on reviewing pull requests, fixing bugs, and occasionally adding new features, most notably coinstatsindex.
Fontaine - All things Bitcoin/Tor. Fully Noded creator.
Francisco Calderón - Software engineer, Bitcoin and FOSS supporter.
Gloria Zhao - Personal notes about bitcoin and bitcoin core
Greg Sanders - Contributes to the open source Bitcoin Core related repos, and other associated Bitcoin projects.
Gr0kchain - Founder of the Bitcoin Developer Network
Hennadii Stepanov - Contributing to Bitcoin Core since mid 2018.
JAMESON LOPP - Cypherpunk & Angel Investor
James O'Beirne - Bitcoin Core developer since 2015.
Jarol Rodriguez- Bitcoin Core contributor.
Jeremy Rubin - Founder of Judica, a bitcoin research and development organization focused on developing Sapio, a smart contract programming language for bitcoin.
Jon Atack - Concerned about human freedom, decentralization of power, individual empowerment, privacy and self-sovereignty
Justin Moon - Justin is the co-founder, and head of engineering at Fedi. He founded the Austin Bitdevs community for bitcoin developers. Pioneer in the bitcoin ecosystem, he ran the first online Bitcoin programming course, BUIDL Bootcamp, and received a Spiral grant for his research into Bitcoin custody R&D.
Jonas Schnelli - Former Bitcoin Developer and Maintainer (2013 - 2021)
Keith Mukai - Early contributor to the Specter Desktop wallet software. Now the lead volunteer dev on the incredibly fun SeedSigner open source DIY hardware wallet.
Kevin Mulcrone - Building Lily Wallet, a desktop application that makes it easy to secure and use your Bitcoin using the latest technologies.
Kiminuo - Doing my best to help Bitcoin ecosystem.
Kristaps Kaupe - Maintainer of JoinMarket, contributing to Bitcoin Core, c-lightning and other projects.
Kody Low - Kody is a bitcoin hacker and Head of Developer and Product Support for Fedi. He’s been teaching and contributing to open source bitcoin development for over two years. Prior to Bitcoin, Kody served as a Marine Infantry Officer.
Kulpreet Singh - Member of the Libbitcoin Institute.]
Kukks - Working full-time on BTCPay Server, an open-source, self-hosted bitcoin payment processor that allows individuals and companies become self-sovereign.
likewhoa - Working on improving the privacy and security of individuals and networks.
Leo Wandersleb - Founder and maintainer of Luke Childs - Contributing to the browserify and BitcoinJS projects
Lightrider - Lightrider, an Open Source Lightning Web Developer and node operator active in the Lightning ecosystem for 5 years, is working at FULMO and Bitrefill. He created, a Lightning-enabled VPN service, and, a web wallet and Ordinal inscription service.
Lisa Neigut - Lisa Neigut, aka niftynei, is a world-renowned bitcoin and lightning expert. A lightning protocol developer at Blockstream for Core Lightning by day, she leads Base58 bitcoin protocol classes at night.
Luke Dashjr - As the longest-contributing Bitcoin Core developer, I’ve been working on Bitcoin since the start of 2011, primarily involving ongoing development.
Max Hillebrand - Building the tools to use in order to defend liberties.
Michael Ford - Full time Bitcoin Core maintainer.
Matthew Nelson - Making Tor as the standard for Android Apps easy.
Nadav Ivgi - Working on open-source bitcoin stuff since 2013
Nick Theile - Software Engineer and Shadowy Supercoder, BeeTeeCee.
nix-bitcoin - nix-bitcoin is a collection of Nix packages and NixOS modules for easily installing full-featured Bitcoin nodes with an emphasis on security.
Oliver Gugger - Technology, Bitcoin and Free Software enthusiast, currently working as a lightning infrastructure engineer.
Paul Sztorc - Creator of BIPs 300/301. Author of "Nothing is Cheaper than Proof of Work" and "Security Budget in the Long Run" (on Advocate for sidechains and prediction markets -- the two most neglected ideas of our time. Former statistician and academic.
Peter Todd - cryptochronomancer/web-π dev
Pedro - Designer working on bitcoin projects.
Randy McMillan - Bitcoin Accessibility for the VISUALLY IMPAIRED and other special use cases
Rene Pickhardt - Improving payment reliability on the Lightning Network. Mastering the Lighting Network co-author and Educator on Youtube and Stack Exchange
Riccardo Masutti - Bitcoin FOSS projects Nicolas Dorier - Bitcoin and BTCPay Server maintainer, Bitcoin and C# makes me happy.
Richard Safier - Working on Plebnet Playground.
Rob Hamilton - Rob Hamilton is Co-Founder & CEO of AnchorWatch, an insurance company offering coverage for Bitcoin held in cold storage. AnchorWatch has developed a Bitcoin Coordinator, Trident, which leverages miniscript for more advanced Bitcoin native smart contracts. Rob is also the co-host of the Raleigh Bitdevs meetup.
Robin Linus - Robin Linus is project lead and a co-founder of the ZeroSync project, which is spearheading the application of zero-knowledge proof systems to Bitcoin. He loves all kinds of Bitcoin engineering, ranging from user experience design to systems programming and cryptographic protocols.
rockstardev - Philosopher, Cypherpunk, Unifier.
Samuel Dobson - Bitcoin Core maintainer.
Sebastian Falbesoner - Regular contributor to Bitcoin Core since August 2019.
secondl1ght - Web Developer and contributing to Amboss & BTC Map + other open source bitcoin projects.
Sergi Delgado - Building The Eye of Satoshi
SIPSorcery - open source C# VoIP & Video + contribute to Bitcoin’s cross platform build efforts.
Shock Network - Shockwallet is a Non-Custodial SuperApp for Lightning and features a decentralized social network for the Bitcoin circular economy.
Sjors Provoost - Contributing to Bitcoin Core on a part-time basis since mid 2017.
Super Testnet - Chairman of FOSS at PlebLab
Tiago Vasconcelos - Creator of the Lightning PoS. Founder and maintainer of, a project aimed at promoting Bitcoin and LN on Portugal.
Thunderbiscuit - Maintainers for the Bitcoin Development Kit language bindings, offering BDK to mobile developers
Tony Giorgio - Software engineer in the bitcoin space since around 2017. Works on Lightning related projects now with a passion on the intersection between Lightning and privacy.
Topher Scott - Enjoys the bleeding-edge of technology. #Node #Typescript #React #Docker #Tor #Bitcoin #Lightning #Nostr
Umar Bolatov - Regular contributor to BTCPay Server and Zap LN wallet.
Uncle Jim - Knower of things about electrons & bits
Vincenzo Palazzo - Working on c-lightning implementation, and current maintainer of lnprototest and rust-clightning-rpc rust library.
wiz - Working on various projects for the Bitcoin community, see for more details.