Bitcoin Core C Library

Optimized C library for EC operations on curve secp256k1. This library is intended to be the highest quality publicly available library for cryptography on the secp256k1 curve. However, the primary focus of its development has been for usage in the Bitcoin system and usage unlike Bitcoin's may be less well tested, verified, or suffer from a less well thought out interface. Correct usage requires some care and consideration that the library is fit for your application's purpose.


Sell digital files with Lightning.


Golang based plugin for c-lightning

Get Lightning Paid

A Flask REST API to generate lightning invoices and payment confirmations.


Go middleware for monetizing APIs on a per-request basis with Lightning


Lightning REST Service


LND implementation of paypercall


Auto-generated LND RPC interface with Typescript type definition support


A DNS seed for the Lightning Network


LN node wrapper for c-lightning, eclair and LND (Python)

Lightning Charge Client js

JavaScript client for lightning-charge

Lightning Charge

A simple drop-in solution for accepting lightning payments (Javascript)

Lightning Integration

Lightning Integration Testing Framework

Lightning Payencode

Minimal QR-code-ready encoding for requesting lightning payments

Lighning PHP

PHP client for direct RPC-based access to the c-lightning daemon


LND Integration API for Java

Lightningd gjson

Talk with a lightningd/c-lightning with minimal overhead and gjson responses.


Charge for HTTP APIs on a pay-per-call basis with Bitcoin and Lightning


A highly modular Bitcoin Lightning library written in Rust. It's rust-lightning, not Rusty's Lightning! LDK/rust-lightning is a highly performant and flexible implementation of the Lightning Network protocol. The primary crate, lightning, is runtime-agnostic. Data persistence, chain interactions, and networking can be provided by LDK's sample modules, or you may provide your own custom implementations.


A basic library for working with Taproot, Schnorr Signatures, and Bitcoin transactions.

WebLN Library

WebLN is a library and set of specifications for lightning apps and client providers to facilitate communication between apps and users' lightning nodes in a secure way. It provides a programmatic, permissioned interface for letting applications ask users to send payments, generate invoices to receive payments, and much more.
Some WebLN client providers include
  • Joule - a WebLN-enabled browser extension that uses your own node
  • Alby - a versatile open-source browser extension for the Bitcoin Lightning Network
  • BlueWallet - a mobile wallet with a WebLN browser
  • kwh - A firefox/chrome extension for WebLN to your c-lightning node
  • Blixt Wallet - a non-custodial open-source Lightning Wallet with a WebLN browser

Wordpress Lightning Publisher

Lightning Publisher for WordPress.

WooCommerce Gateway Lightning

A WooCommerce gateway for lightning payments