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#BuildOnBitcoin. People are building the future of the internet with Bitcoin. From social networks, to streaming payments, and even custom assetsMeet other designers, developers, copywriters, and other creatives working to drive bitcoin adoption through awesome UX.


FULMO is the host of the well-known Lightning Hacksprints and organizer of the first Lightning Conference (LNconf) in the world. Building the community around development of the Lightning Network is one of our key focus areas.

Orange Pill app

You will meet Bitcoiners, and you will be happy.
Meeting with other fellow Bitcoiners is a great experience. Whether in real life or online, you can skip the formalities and discuss the transformative, wide-ranging effects of Bitcoin’s growth, knowing you share a hope for a more promising future. With Orange Pill App, you can now find, chat and meet with Bitcoiners wherever you are without the need to go to a meetup or a conference and build lifelong meaningful connections.

Satoshi's Place

Satoshi's Place Ltd has been setup to manage our Food & Drink business, with its goal to generate an income to ensure we can keep operating and pay the bills. Currently our founder is the sole director of Satoshi's Place Ltd and if Satoshi's Place Ltd does make a profit then 100% of Adam's profits will be donated to Satoshi's Place charity to help it achieve its goals. Satoshi's Place Ltd will seek investment in the near future with the aim to help secure its current operation, to help build its framework for other potential sites and build its roadmap.

Stacker News

Stacker News is a forum (like Reddit or Hacker News) where you can earn real money for creating or curating content. Rather than collecting “upvotes” that are not redeemable or transferable on Reddit or Hacker News, on Stacker News you can earn Bitcoin that can immediately be spent anywhere.