ATL BitLab - Atlanta, GA

Co-working for bitcoin startups on the Atlanta Beltline. The city of Atlanta has many nicknames. One of them is transaction alley — 70% of US payments pass through Georgia. Meanwhile, the bitcoin lightning network enables cheap, near-instant settlement over the internet. This disruptive technology will reshape the payments industry in ways nobody can predict. ATL BitLab is the bridge, connecting transaction alley to a bold future atop the lightning network. - Brescia, Italy is a non-profit cypherpunk hackerspace located in Brescia, Italy. Our mission is to provide a space where people can learn about Bitcoin, technology, open-source, privacy and freedom, and connect with other like-minded individuals. Our office is near the metro stop Vittoria, in Contrada del Cavalletto 24, Brescia. We regularly host workshops, meetups, hackathons and more, open to everybody.

PlebLab - Austin, TX

PlebLab is a Bitcoin hackerspace and community accelerator in Austin, Texas. PlebLab is the first of its kind. PlebLab is 100% Developer focused. If you're a builder, we want you here. √ Granted workspace among other Bitcoin startups and developers. √ Access to our team of mentors: Matt Odell, Lisa Neigut, Ben Price, Zack Shapiro, Graham Krizek, and John Cantrell √ Grassroots marketing, planning, and business development. All are customized for your company's needs. √ Beta stage users through local bitcoin meet-ups, clubs, and other events. √ A growing network of partnerships to build brand exposure. PlebLab throws private and public events, workshops, hackathons, and startup days for community members inside of PlebLab.