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Bitcoin development philosophy

Bitcoin Development Philosophy is a guide for new Bitcoin developers who already understand the basics of concepts and processes such as Proof-of-Work, block building, and the transaction life cycle, and who want to level up by gaining a deeper understanding of Bitcoin’s design trade-offs and philosophy. It should help new developers absorb the most important lessons of over a decade of Bitcoin development and discussion, and provide a context for evaluating new ideas (good ones and bad ones!).

Bitcoin Protocol Development

This seminar assumes a basic level of Bitcoin protocol knowledge.
√ Welcome √ SegWit √ Mining and Network Block Propagation √ P2P √ Scripts and Wallets


Basis of Lightning Technology (Lightning Network Specifications).

Core Lightning (CLN) Documentation

Here you can find everything you need to jump-start your journey to running and building on Core Lightning.

Core Lightning (CLN) Network implementation

A specification compliant Lightning Network implementation in C. Core Lightning (previously c-lightning) is a lightweight, highly customizable and standard compliant implementation of the Lightning Network protocol.

Lightning Protocol Development

This seminar assumes a basic level of Bitcoin protocol knowledge. √ LN History, Payment Channels and HTLCs √ How the Layers of Lightning Fit Together √ Lightning Routing √ Limitations √ The Future of Lightning

Lightning Network (LND) Builder's Guide

This repository is designed as a home for those looking to learn about the Lightning Network, use and build on LND, Lightning Terminal, Loop, Pool as well as those developing their own LAPPS.

Lightning Web Standard (WebLN) Guide

This guide covers how to build a Bitcoin Lightning-driven web application using the WebLN standard.

Liquid Network

Here you can find everything you need to jump-start your journey to building on Liquid. The Liquid Network is a Bitcoin layer-2 solution enabling fast, confidential settlement and issuance of digital assets, such as stablecoins, security tokens, and other financial instruments, on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. The goal of the Liquid Network is to be Bitcoin's financial layer and form the foundations for the financial infrastructure of the future.

LND Overview and Developer Guide

The LND Overview and Developer Guide aims to provide just enough information about LND to enable readers to build applications. It starts with a conceptual review of the Lightning Network, before jumping into the important aspects of working specifically with LND.

Onboarding to Bitcoin Core

√ Overview & Development process √ Architecture √ Consensus & validation √ Wallet √ GUI √ P2P √ Mempool √ Script √ Build system √ RPC / REST / ZMQ

The Bitcoin Optech

The Bitcoin Operations Technology Group (Optech) works to bring the best open source technologies and techniques to Bitcoin-using businesses in order to lower costs and improve customer experiences.
An initial focus for the group is working with its member organizations to reduce transaction sizes and minimize the effect of subsequent transaction fee increases. We provide workshops, documentation, weekly newsletters, original research, case studies and announcements, a podcast, and help facilitate improved relations between businesses and the open source community.