Workshops & Courses

21 Lectures - Bitcoin Masterclass

THE MASTERCLASS to understand Bitcoin – you will learn the essential knowledge about Bitcoin & related technologies. We cover cryptography, the structure of transactions and blocks and how they are chained, smart contract language, the Lightning protocol as well as software and toolkits to develop on top of the blockchain and Lightning. You will learn directly from world-renowned specialists such as Lightning protocol co-designer Dr. Christian Decker.

Base58⛓️🔓 online and in-person courses

Base58⛓️🔓 is a bitcoin protocol school. Our online and in-person courses are the perfect starting place for technical beginners looking to scratch the surface to even the most experienced devs looking to challenge themselves with a dive deep into the bitcoin protocol itself. Wherever you are on your journey into the technical side of bitcoin, we're here to level you up.

Base58⛓️🔓 Bitcoin Developer Basics: Transactions, Scripts + SegWit

Start your bitcoin dev journey with bitcoin transactions, scripts, and SegWit

What you'll learn

  • Basic intro to encodings, endianness, and bitcoin's specific base58 encoding
  • Learn the components of a bitcoin transaction
  • How to parse a bitcoin transaction from bytes
  • Intro to bitcoin Script, including writing your own bitcoin locking scripts
  • How to write standard bitcoin locking scripts (P2SH)
  • How SegWit changed the basic bitcoin transaction
  • The standard SegWit locking script: P2WSH
  • How to make legacy compatible SegWit scripts: P2SH-P2WSH

Bitcoin Developers on YouTube

Learn Bitcoin development from experts around the community!

Bitcoin Programming 101 with Ivan Liljeqvist

Learn how to program the world’s largest open source blockchain - Bitcoin. We will go through Script, bitcoins own programming language and look at how it works from the ground up. We will start by learning about all the different tools you need to interact and build with bitcoin. Then we will look at stacks and stack based programming languages. We will look at how you can script your own, custom bitcoin transactions and how you can build timelocks, multisig transaction and much much more.



Bitshala is an education initiative (or a pathshala) led by Indian bitcoiners to provide guidance and resources for new developers starting their bitcoin journey.


BTC Sessions

Chaincode Labs - Bitcoin Protocol Development Curriculum

There are two portions to this curriculum:
1 - Study Groups designed to provide grouped subjects that you can either complete bookclub style or alone. 2 - Bitcoin Syllabus a collection of resources grouped by subjects.

Chaincode Labs - Seminars

Once a week for 90 minutes, meet with fellow developers, challenge yourself, and receive guidance from current contributors. Weekly prep will take anywhere from 4-6 hours. Groups will have anywhere from 10-25 participants with rotating discussion groups of 3-5. Participants share a dedicated channel on the Chaincode Learning Slack workspace and those who complete the program are invited to our seminar alum community. Chaincode curates each cohort, arranges guest speakers, and provides ongoing support throughout the seminar. We do not provide moderators for small group discussions, but assign deputies to ensure an enriching experience. We expect everyone to attend every week. Participants are allotted one absence during the program. If you are absent a second time, we ask you withdraw from the group. We are happy to welcome you back in the future.


Training the next generation of Bitcoin and Lightning Developers in El Salvador.


Emeralize is where you can learn, create, and earn ⚡️ with their platform. They have built an educational marketplace where you can buy and sell educational resources for Bitcoin. Discover new content and learn.

High Level Bitcoin with SuperTestNet

Explore software and hardware projects for bitcoin, news related to bitcoin, and technical developments in the bitcoin space with SuperTestNet.

Lightning Labs

Libreria de Satoshi

Una mezcla de seminarios socráticos, clases y talleres para mejorar tus habilidades técnicas.

PlebLab NostrDevs: Build a Social Network from Scratch

Master Nostr Protocol in 2023! Construct resilient social networks using cryptographic keys, signatures, clients, relays.

What you'll learn

  • Intro to Nostr Development - Discover the unique Nostr protocol for censorship-resistant decentralized social networking.
  • Understanding Nostr's Core Concepts - Dive deep into cryptographic keys, signature verification, and the vital roles within the Nostr system.
  • Problems with Existing Platforms - Thoroughly explore issues with Twitter, Mastodon, and SSB. Learn why Nostr is the go-to solution.
  • Mastering JavaScript for Nostr Development - Harness the power of JavaScript for implementing vital Nostr functionalities in your application.
  • Setup Your Nostr Development Environment - Detailed guide to establish your own Nostr development environment. Get ready to create!
  • Deep Exploration of Nostr Clients - Learn about client roles, interactions, and how to handle updates efficiently in the Nostr environment.
  • Comprehensive Dive into Nostr Relays - Understand the integral role of relays, their setup, and how they interact with clients in Nostr.
  • Efficient Handling & Management of Data in Nostr - Delve into data publishing, fetching, structuring, and post events within Nostr.
  • Addressing Network Challenges in Nostr - Learn how Nostr tackles user bans, spam, data storage for a robust, healthy network.
  • Hands-On: Build Your First Nostr App - A comprehensive step-by-step guide to creating your first application using the Nostr protocol.

PlebLab PlebDev Course I: Building a Lightning App

Learn Lightning Development! Build lightning apps, projects using HTML, CSS, Javascript, LNbits, React & more!
√ Basic course intro to developing on bitcoin and lightning. Learning √ HTML basics an important first step in your web development journey. √ Learning the fundamentals of CSS into digestible, easy to understand √ pieces. Learn how to use JavaScript — a powerful and flexible programming language for adding website interactivity. √ Learn how to use LNbits, a lightning wallet and account system. √ Learn how to setup and create your own development environment. √ Learn the fundamental to building any React app. √ Learn how to build your own lightning wallet.


A scrappy group of plebdevs focused on Bitcoin/Lightning app development. Let's level up together!

PlebLab Workshops

PlebLab is here to help you learn and grow as a builder. We have weekly workshops hosted by industry-leading developers. PlebLab is the first of its kind. Bitcoin hackerspace and community-driven accelerator. PlebLab is 100% Developer focused. If you are a builder, we want you here. PlebLab throws private and public events, in-person workshops, hackathons, and startup days for members inside of PlebLab.

Programming Blockchain with Jimmy Song

In order to provide the highest quality instruction to potential programming students, we will accept students that we feel have enough of a background in order to successfully get the most out of the class. This will lead to a better classroom experience and much less frustration for all the participants. If chosen, you will be invited to participate in a Programming Blockchain 2-day seminar.


Qala is a program designed to train the next generation of African Bitcoin and Lightning developers. Our goal is to create a pathway for African software developers to transition into building for Bitcoin and Lightning.

Saylor Academy: Bitcoin for Developers

We'll start by diving into the cryptographic algorithms used in Bitcoin and walk through how these tools are used to keep the system secure and running. This course is designed for students with a technical background, including some coding experience. Many of the examples and exercises will require some familiarity with coding to follow along. When you finish this course, you'll be able to differentiate between public and private keys and understand how they are used in Bitcoin transactions, calculate the hash of a piece of data and explain why hashing is used in Bitcoin's Proof-of-Work consensus protocol, list the functions of a wallet, describe the utility of nodes on the network, and more. You'll have the foundations necessary for understanding, working with, and building on Bitcoin and other open cryptocurrency systems.

Sphinx Tutorials


Summer of Bitcoin

A global, online summer internship program focused on introducing university students to bitcoin open-source development and design.


At TABConf, we bring together the best and brightest minds in the bitcoin world to share their insights, knowledge, and experience about the latest developments. From seasoned core devs to up-and-coming plebs.

Teach Bitcoin - Protocol Training for Developers

Studying the Bitcoin protocol design beyond the basics is hard for even the most motivated learners, as much of the protocol is hidden deep in the implementation source code. Teach Bitcoin protocol training is an in-depth program that was inspired from the study of several hundred thousand lines of implementation code. It teaches you both the high and low-level designs of the Bitcoin Protocol, so you can greatly accelerate your journey to becoming a Bitcoin implementation developer or protocol researcher.

Torogoz Dev

Torogoz Dev is an educational program based in El Salvador, its objective is to train in the area of ​​Bitcoin and Lightning Network development , to give students the opportunity to apply for better job opportunities and have the skills and knowledge necessary to contribute value in the development of Bitcoin & Lightning on a national and international scale.


Vinteum is a non-profit Bitcoin research and development center dedicated to supporting Bitcoin developers in Brazil and the wider Latin America region. We will train and fund open source developers to work on Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. Our aim is to foster the next generation of Bitcoin builders.